The Landscape

We have done a great deal to improve communities. We, metro Atlanta's nonprofit, philanthropic, civic, public and private institutions. Yet we have also gotten used to how things happen or should happen.

We recognize the needs still exist – and that there are better ways of doing things. Yet we continue to work with the same people, doing the same things in the same way. Not because we feel it's the best course of action but because of the difficulty of doing things differently.

We have felt the frustration that comes with growing problems and compounded needs. For some of us, it feels like running on a treadmill. For others, it seems we're in a maze. All the while, the needs continue to grow. These needs have brought us to the edge. We however, are not expanding the edge, creating new space to operate and problem-solve. Instead, we are falling off and in some instances pushing others off to make room for our independent perspectives and work.

  • Are you ready to look openly at our current environment and willing  feel some discomfort as we EXPLORE what's hold us back?
  • Are you ready to DISCOVER from others different from us how they work and how we can work alongside them?
  • Are you ready to GROW as people, professionals and as neighbors? We must continue to think differently about solutions to community problems.
  • Are you ready to EXPERIENCE fresh light shed on old issues; fresh perspective that grows community, creativity and connections?

I am. 

Let us.