Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Edge of Opportunity

After 30 years of working in community, I find myself at an unexpected and fascinating crossroads. After first-hand experiences and countless learned lessons about developing and improving communities, I find myself questioning and seeking to undo much of what I have constructed and to free myself from what has been my standard mode of operation.

Why? Because it is these fresh perspectives that will help us push past the edge. So I am being open to shifting my outlook and re-learning what I think I know and have mastered — to challenge what I have assumed to be the right way.

From April through June during a work sabbatical, I will begin my search to Explore, Discover, Grow and Experience. During this time, I’d like to connect with you virtually, and, if the stars align, occasionally in the flesh. I’m asking you to walk with me in my journey as much or as little as you are comfortable. I welcome your ear. Your  counsel. Your rebuttal. Your laughter.

Welcome to The Edge!