Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paying Attention

I have been loved. And through this blessing, I've been fortunate to have learned a thing or two about this amazing gift. I have seen how love can look and feel differently at different times, in different spaces, with different folks and different reasons. Love can be one thing when you're tired; another when you're hungry; and another when you're happy (and yet again something else after a relaxing glass of wine!).

Yet while love is experienced very differently, there is a consistent, common, connected constant. Attention. Where there is love, there is attention. The true lover of humanity has no choice but to see the disheveled vet on the street and the hollowed-out eyes of the homeless....the smog that hovers over all will sear both the eyes and the hearts of those who love the earth....while undetectable by many, an child's painful whimper is becomes a screech in the ears of loving mothers....and, unbeckoned, caring clans know when one of their own needs a hand, a conversation, an ear.

I pray for so much and so many! For myself, I pray for a sound mind and reasonable health. But most of all, I pray that I will love all those that I should and,  even more, those who would lay claim for my attention. Who need to be seen. Heard. Felt. Encouraged. I pray for the patience and focus and perception and stillness and commitment...to pay attention. To love.

Here's wishing you an attentive holiday season!